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  1. There will be NO meeting in July – have a safe and Happy 4th of July!
  2. The August meeting will be one week late – on Friday, August 11 at the normal 6:00 pm starting time at Allnutt Funeral Home.
  3. We have a new website!  Check it out at  Thanks to Aron L. for the new fresh look!


President Dan Y. was unable attend to his vacation commitment, and V.P. Ken S. filled in for him.

We had 3 new members join us, bringing the membership to 70 members strong.

Treasurer Carl D. gave his financial report.

The Attendance prize was won by Greg W.  The membership prize was not won, so it goes up another $5.

A vote has held on the motion to postpone the August meeting by one week, as the normal meeting conflicts with the American Numismatic Convention in Denver from Tuesday, August 1 through Saturday, August 5.  Motion made, seconded and carried.  The August meeting will be on August 11, then the meetings go back tom the normal 1st Friday of the month routine.

Members were reminded that the “biggie” coin show of the year will be in Denver this year.  It’s a once in a decade (or longer) opportunity, as the convention rotates (next year it’s in Philadelphia).  Check it out at  There are activities for absolutely newB collectors, kids and young numismatists, to experienced know it all coin codgers.  Free admission to ANA members.  Highly recommended by me!

The current officers were re-elected for another year by acclimation:

President:  Dan Y.
Vice President:  Ken S.
Treasurer:  Carl D.
John B. was also elected to be the Secretary for the next year.

The auction list will be sent out with the August meeting notice.  Enjoy your 4th of July!

(Sybil Ludington on her horse Star, an almost unknown 16 year old war hero who risked her life to warn the army of a pending British attack.  This is a great story to read to any daughters and grand daughters in your life.  One brave young woman!).

Submitted by,

John B.,


(This is a Wilkins counterstamp.  “Doctor” Wilkins was a shady character and a medical quack!).

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