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The next coin club meeting is at 6:00 pm on March 1 at the Fort Collins Senior Center, 1200 Raintree DR, Fort Collins.  This is very close to our old location – take Drake to Shields, go north, and then West on Raintree.  The doors open at 6:00 for coin talk, refreshments and donuts, business meeting at 6:30, followed by the auction.

Minutes of the 2/1/19 meeting:

39 Members in attendance, with 2 new members joining – Scott S. and another John B.  The $20 prize was won by Brian D., and the silver was won by Ken S.

President Dan Y. reported that the annual non-profit filings were made on a timely basis.  Treasurer Carl D. gave his report and the figures are in the minute book.

VP Ken S. has secured the Senior Center for the rest of the year,  but we may have to take alternate rooms for a couple of meetings.  But the times and building location will remain the same, and we will post signs when that happens.  So come every month to the Senior Center except for July, when there is no meeting.

Upcoming area coin shows:

  • March 9-10, Saturday-Sunday:  Boulder County Fairgrounds, Front Range Coin Club
  • March 22 (opens at 2:00 pm) Friday, March 23-24 Saturday-Sunday (opens at 9:00 AM), Our annual spring show, The McKee building at The Ranch/Larimer County Fairgrounds
  • April 5-6-7 Friday-Saturday-Sunday, Albuquerque Coin Club
  • April 26-27 Friday-Saturday, Grand Junction, CO

Your secretary’s musings

:Did you know that there are actually clad pocket change coins that are worth saving and dealers actually pay premiums for them?  We all hunt for silver, wheat cents, even pre 1982 copper cents, etc. in our change.  But what about coins you don’t even look at?

Here are a few examples:

  • 1950-P and 1982 P and D nickels – circulated
  • 1965 dimes – circulated
  • 1982-83 P and D quarters in AU
  • 1982 P and D halves in AU

The premiums are only a few cents per coin, but the percentage over face can run to as high as 40% or more, kind of reminds of the good old days when you could find quantities of silver searching in rolls from the bank.  If you do roll hunting for varieties or just filling up a set of coins, you might as well look for the better ones and sell them for a profit!  I see it as a way to subsidize your collection budget.

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