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It’s coming up real fast!The next Fort Collins Coin Club meeting will be the first Friday in June, which is also the 1st of June – June 1, 2018!  Location is the same Bat time, same Bat channel for us old enough to remember the old Bat-mobile, the TV show, and only getting 3 channels on the TV.  Location is not the Bat Cave, but the normal Allnutt Funeral Home meeting room.  Doors open at 6:00 pm for snacks, refreshments, coin talk and stories, followed by the regular meeting and auction commencing promptly at 6:30.

​Minutes from May 1, 2018:

President Dan Y. was absent, so the meeting was run by Vice President Ken S.  VP Ken noted that the officer election is coming up.  Motion made by Jim O. and seconded by Joanne E. to re-elect the current officer slate for the upcoming year.  Motion passed unanimously.  Officers for next year:

  • President, Dan Y.
  • Vice President, Ken S.
  • Treasurer, Carl D.
  • Secretary, John B.

Note that after the June 1 meeting, we skip July for the Independence Day Holiday, and resume on August 3.
Treasurer’s report given by Carl D., details are in the minute book.

We had 32 people in attendance.

The ounce of silver attendance prize was won by ME!  Holy silver round, Batman!
The $20 membership prize was won by Aaron P.

Our Club Coin Show
Fort Collins Coin Club Winter 1-day show, Saturday, December 1.  Location is the same as last year’s spring show at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins.
The Coin Club’s spring 2019 show date is to be determined.

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