Fort Collins Coin Club – Meeting location changes to the SENIOR CENTER – January 4, 2019

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Due to scheduling and pricing issues with the VFW, the Club Officers had to make an emergency change.

The meeting location is the Senior Center at 1200 Raintree DR., Fort Collins.From our old location, take Drake WEST to Shields, turn NORTH onto Shields.  There is a traffic light where Raintree intersects Shields, turn LEFT at that light and the Senior Center soon be on your right.

The doors open at 6:00 pm, meeting starts at 6:30, and we have to be out by 9:00 pm.

Minutes of the November 2, 2018 meeting, 43 members in attendance:

1.  The club voted to move the meeting location to the Fort Collins VFW (but see the change noted above).  The two finalists were the VFW and the Senior Center.  There were some other candidates as well, but these two were the best suited for our needs.  The advantages of the VFW included a more flexible exit time. cheaper rent, and a more set schedule.  The Senior Center offered better parking and a nice facility.  The vote was for the VFW, but that did not work out when it came time after the club’s vote to actually reserve and pay rent.

The club’s officers made an emergency decision to hold the January meeting at the Senior Center, and it has been reserved for the early part of 2019.  More details will be presented at the January 4 meeting.
Many thanks to Carl D. and Ken S. for getting a meeting place set up!

2.  We were pleased to welcome back Bruce S. who joined us after a long health setback.  We hope to see you back on a regular basis!

3.  The Christmas Party was a success. with about 50 people attending.  Aaron P. win the grand prize, a 1/10 ounce GOLD Mercury Dime.  New member Janessa also won a silver prize.  Thanks to Dan C. and the Moonlight Mint for the coin press feeding fingers as well.

4.  The attendance prize was won by Dan M., and the membership prize was won by new member Norma.  It’s really not rigged, but it seems that the new members always win something!

By John B. Secretary

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