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LotDescriptionGradeHoldaugust 6th 2021
11945 Mercury Dimevf$2.00$6.00
21903 Colorado Convention Badge???
31903 Denver Grocers Association???
41909 Fort Collins Merchants Asso.???
51910 Retail Asso.???
61908 IOOF Souvioner Medal???
71 Roll Wheat Centscirc$6.00
81 Roll Wheat Centscirc$6.00
91884-1959 Rush to the Rockies Bronze MedalUnc$30.00
10Estes Park Good Luck TokenUnc???
111925&27-s Standing Liberty Quartersgood$10.00$12.00
121956-57-59 Canada Dimesfine-vf$10.00
13Denver Tramway Fair Tokencirc???
141889 Indian Head Centfine-vf$3.00
151911 Liberty Nickelgood$5.00
161961 Franklin HalfProof$25.00
172015 Fort Collins Coin Club MedalUnc$8.00???
181967 Canada Proof SetProof$60.00
191837 Canada Half Penny Tokenfine$9.00
201928-29-32-33-34 Canada Centsvf-xf$1.00$8.00
21Horatio Gates MedalUnc?$1.00$10.00
221956-d Incased CentUnc$6.00
231981 Cuba 5 Peso .999Bu$25.00
241870 Indian Head CentFig-Hole$2.00???
251889 Indian Gead Centgood$4.00
261903 Indian Head Centvf$3.00
271914-s Lincoln CentFine$25.00
281933-d Lincoln Centvf$6.50
291809 Half Dollarag$65.00
301853-o Arrows 7Rays Half Dollargood$90.00
311855-o Arrows &Rays Half Dollarnet-good$40.00
321813 Bust Half Overton 106good$95.00
331899-o Barber Halfgood$18.00
341902 Barber Halfgood$16.00
351904 Barber Halfgood$16.00
361904-o Barber Halfgood$16.00
371911 Barber Halfgood$16.00
381911-d Barber Halfgood$16.00
391939 Lincoln Cent NTCMS-64-RD$14.00
401883 V Nickel no Cents ANACSAU-53$16.00
411918-d Buffalo NickelFine$61.00
421939-d Mercury Dime FSB ANACSMS-66$47.00
431999-p Susan B. Anthony Dollar ICGPR-70-DCAM$25.00
441900-s Barber Halfag$10.00$12.00
451921-s Walking Liberty Halfgood$90.00
461896 Morgan DollarAU-53$50.00
471921-d Morgan Dollarxf$38.00
481922-s Peace Dollarvf-xf$30.00
491923-s Peace Dollarxf$30.00
501925 Peace Dollarvf$30.00
511926-s Peace DollarAU-53$50.00
521928-s Peace Dollarvf$32.00
531935-s 3 Rays Peace Dollarvf$47.50